Alopecia Treatment

Why Choose DluxClinic’s SMP for Alopecia?

Natural-Looking Results: Expertly matched to your individual skin tone, our pigments ensure a
seamless and natural-looking outcome that mimics a buzz cut or closely shaven head.
Low Maintenance: With minimal touch-ups required, our SMP for Alopecia is a hassle-free
solution that allows you to enjoy life without constant worry about your appearance.
Regain Confidence: Designed to camouflage alopecia effectively, our treatments help you regain confidence with a fuller-looking head of hair.

The Process of Scalp micropigmentation for Alopecia

SMP for Alopecia at DluxClinic is a non-invasive procedure with minimal discomfort. Typically requiring multiple sessions, each treatment is meticulously applied to achieve the desired result, providing a camouflage for alopecia that is both natural-looking and low maintenance.