Scalp Micropigmentation

The boost


We understand that losing some, or all of your hair, can be devastating. That is why we’ve made SMP our specialty.

THE BOOST will reverse the appearance of a balding scalp, and your finished procedure simulates the shadow of a freshly buzzed scalp. This is the boost of confidence you’ve been searching for. The procedure takes 3-4 sessions to complete.  

As an alternative, if you have longer hair, and in need of density, explore THE FILL option.

Why Opt for DermaLUX Clinic’s Scalp Micropigmentation?

– Affordable Costs: Receive top-quality Scalp Micropigmentation at competitive prices, making
hairline restoration accessible to everyone.
– Expert Practitioners: Our skilled practitioners ensure a natural and seamless look that perfectly
mimics hair follicles.
– Convenient Location: Located in Indian Wells, CA, we provide easy access to clients seeking expert
hair restoration services.

Our Method

The difference in our hair restoration treatment lives within our specialized 7-Step SMP Method. It’s the reason we can proudly say we are the desert’s first choice when it comes to Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) for men & women alike.
We begin with our exclusive & innovative consultation process and scalp analysis. We utilize laser precision to map and customize your treatment prior to our expert SMP application. Before you leave your appointment we ensure that you have everything you need to care for your new treatment until your next follow-up session 7-10 days later. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

SMP is fully customizable. Since no two individuals experience the exact same hair loss we offer a range within our rates. Please refer to the photo below for estimated rate breakdown.
  • A hairline reconstruction or crown section​ ranges from $1,200-$2,200 depending on the amount of coverage needed. ​

  • Full head coverage is $4,400, includes Men’s SMP Essentials Kit, ($100 value)

  • Booking either section will only show the starting price. We will build your complete quote for your procedure during your appointment consultation. 

  • Need more help? Tap the link below to start your digital consultation.

As an alternative, if you have longer hair, and in need of density, explore THE FILL option.

Our Hair Loss Treatments

The Fill

If your hair is thinning The Fill treatment can help restore density to those areas.


Alopecia comes in many different forms, SMP can be used to cover them all.


SMP can be used to camouflage scarring into the natural look of shaved hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Initially, your treatment will include up to 3-4 sessions. Each session will build on the previous session depending on your specific needs. We recommend a touch up every 1.5 – 3 years depending on the care of the treated area and your lifestyle.

No, although there will be some restrictions for the first few days. You will return for your follow up 7-10 days after your initial appointment. We will always provide you with care instructions. 

We offer a completely personal & customized approach to every single case we take on. A consultation is always the best way to get started. 

Michael will be your SMP artist. 

SMP is a great option for anyone who has experienced hairloss due to: age, hair transplants, genetics, alopecia, or physical scarring.

Your procedure can take anywhere from 1.5-3.5 hours depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated. This amount of time allows us meticulous pigment placement to make your procedure look as natural as possible. 

Book the portion of your head we’ll be working on (hairline reconstruction/crown/full). Complete your deposit. We will build your complete quote during your consultation on your first visit.   

In this case, book the “hairline”. We’ll determine coveage the final cost at your first visit consultation. 

If you prefer to keep your hair length you may want to consider “THE FILL”.