Plasma Fibroblast

Why Choose LIGHTNING LIFT at DluxClinic?

Plasma Fibroblast face lift alternative is a new, innovative, and non-invasive energy treatment for improving your skin laxity and reducing wrinkles. As the only office in the desert area to provide this service, we use one of two FDA-approved cosmetic devices that can tighten sagging skin, while vastly improving skin texture and smoothing crepey skin to reveal a more youthful & sculpted appearance. 

Our 9-Step Lightning Lift Method

Our 9-Step Lightning Lift Method begins with our signature innovative consultation and skin analysis. Next, a fully customized mapping of your treatment area to prep the skin prior to numbing so you feel as comfortable as possible during your meticulous treatment application. After treatment, your skin is enveloped in a cooling stem-cell growth-factor mask under our FDA-certified LED lights.

Finally, for best results, you’ll receive a 5-day aftercare travel kit in addition to our recommendations for your at-home skincare maintenance.
Your Lightning Lift treatment with us includes 2 sessions, 8-10 weeks apart.
Please take a look at our before & after page for examples of our work

Are you ready to get started?

Zones, Rates, and What to Expect

  • These are our rates for all zones of the face. Tap on the slides to see full pictures & description. 

  • Your service includes 2 procedure visits. 

  • Your treatment includes a 5 day post treatment recovery kit, as well as a full face sun protecting shield. 

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Complete Eye Lift*$1,850
Upper Facelift*$2,400
Lower Facelift*$2,400
Pout Lift$1,750
Love Lift*$2,400
Brow Lift$750
Nasolabial Lift$750
Neck Strip$750
Neck Lift I$1,000
Neck Lift II*$1,800
Nose Refinement$750
Baby Lift$750
Full Facelift*$4.800

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no injections. This non-invasive treatment delivers a micro-electrical arc of plasma (hence the name) from the device to the skin without ever coming into contact with the skin. 

Yes, these tiny dots are micro-injuries created by the electrical arc of plasma. The collection of these causes the skin to retract, tighten, and kickstart the body’s natural process of producing long-lasting collagen & elastin to create a stronger, tighter, smoother

One of our favorite products is our incredible numbing. We’re not kidding, our numbing and numbing technique ensure that you’ll get to the end of your treatment with minimal discomfort.

Plasma lift without the appropriate numbing will be painful. 

Michael is your Lightning Lift specialist.

We have a  pre-and post-treatment skincare protocols, most skin types can be treated. Of course, pre-treatment consultations are recommended. 

Results can vary from person to person. Your Lightning Lift results can last up to 4 years. We recommend a touch up to freshen up your results every 1.5-2 years.

In our office your Lightning Lift service includes 2 separate sessions, spaced 8-10 weeks apart in order. This is why our results are incredible. Depending on your skin goals, and desired results it’s possible you’ll need more sessions beyond your two. 

Minimal, but yes there is. Downtime for Lightning Lift is generally 6-9 days, depending on the area. Areas with high movement like eyes & mouth heal faster than areas like the forehead & neck. We suggest having this done at a time when you can have 2-3 days free from social engagements. 

When you come in for your procedure plan to spend approximately 2.5 – 3.5hrs with us. If we’re looking to target multiple zones, or an extensive area.