Tattoo Lightening

Customized Sessions for Best Results

Since everyone heals at a different pace, the number of sessions required for tattoo lightening varies.
We recommend committing to 3-4 sessions to see significant results. During your first visit, we’ll assess your tattoo or permanent makeup and formulate the perfect plan for a seamless finish.

Any type of tattoo lightening is going to be painful. What makes the difference is the numbing treatment. This makes our tattoo lift system is virtually painless.

Since we all move, process, and heal at a different pace it’s hard to guarantee how many sessions a lightening case will take. We suggest committing to the 3-4 sessions to see results. 

Of course, we’ll take time on our first visit to see what needs to be addressed, and we’ll formulate the perfect shades for a seamless finish. 

Plan your visit to be up to 1.5 hours. 

Yes, don’t wait! If you’re within a 24 hour window we can help with our “Emergency Reversal”. Results are remarkable when your work is freshly done.